Who Are We?


What does Diversity and Inclusion mean to the Guironnet Group?

  • An inclusive laboratory has an authentic commitment to understanding and promoting diversity and cultural intelligence while fostering an environment where each individual feels respected, confident, valued, and inspired.
  • Understanding diversity comes with the acknowledgement that differences in value do not permit differences in treatment. Equity, empathy, and respect are core to any attempt at diversification
  • Accepting diversity of every kind and building on it to maintain a healthy and happy work environment, is an essential norm for a peaceful and mentally happy person. Valuing the ideas and ideals of every individual apart from being considerate about them would lead to a workspace fit for a productive and constant growth.
  • Inclusion. Giving opportunities to everyone regardless of sex, ethnicity, social status, age, etc. etc. I think this is important because it allows creativity to span in more directions and more importantly allows problem solving from different perspectives. I expect peers to treat me as an equal and not as inferior/superior to them. I expect a welcoming environment where any individual feels free to express themselves and be proud to show who they are.
  • Our acceptance of diversity, and even more so our active role in promoting it, is quintessential to creating a space of inclusion. A space that welcomes differing philosophies, upbringings, and personalities. A space that fosters growth in both professional and personal spheres. And most importantly (to myself), a space that enriches our experience of the human condition. Every individual has a right to security, respect, and expression

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