Current News
  • September 2021

    -Congrats to Vanessa DaSilva, who passed her research qualifying examination!
  • Summer 2021

    -Damien has been granted tenure, time to celebrate this milestone! :)

    -Tianwei and Damien's review "Synthesis of telechelic polyolefins " has been published in
    Polymer Chemistry!

    - Susannah Miller and Brian Van Dyke have both passed their Preliminary PhD exams. Congrats to both on the
    great job thus far!
  • April 2021

    -Congratulations to Dr. Horn who has successfully defended his thesis on "Development of a Continuous Tubular
    Reactor For Emulsion Polymerization"! Dr. Horn will be working with 3M in Minnesota. We wish him the best of
    luck on his new endeavor!
  • March 2021

    -Congratulations to Dr. Tianwei Yan who successfuly defended his thesis on the "Development of Synthetic
    Methodologies for Polyolefin Containing Block Polymers"! We are excited for him as he moves on to the
    University of Delaware for the next leg of his journey!

    -Maggie Potter's paper "Photophysical properties of soluble light-harvesting polyhydrofurans from post-
    polymerization functionalization of polyketones
    " has been published in the European Polymer Journal!
  • January 2021

    -Congratulations to Dr. Damien Guironnet on being named a Center for Advanced Study Fellow!