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The research in the Guironnet group takes on the challenge of implementing recent advances in homogeneous catalysts into continuous processes. Doing so with a particular emphasis on polymer and fine chemical productions.

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Research in the Guironnet group focuses on four major areas, click below to find out more about each project. 

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Meet Damien Guironnet

Bio: My Journey to where I am today is different than most. I am first-generation high school graduate that received a PhD. During my post-graduate education, I transitioned from chemical engineering to chemistry, then went to industry before coming back to academia where I reinvented myself as a chemical engineer. We (my wife and I) started my pre-tenured position with 2 young children (and finished it with 3). This a-typical career path has not always been easy, but I have surmounted the challenges I’ve faced with the steadfast support of my family and mentors. Today I want to return the favor. I seek to mentor and support the next generation of students and scientists.  

Vision: After a short stay in industry, I came back to academia to educate, mentor, and do science with students. I wanted my research group to be dynamic, curious, innovative and hard working. I wanted my students to learn from me, I wanted to learn with them, and I wanted to learn from them. The diversity in training, education, interest and culture that all my students have brought to my group has enabled our continuous education which is at the core of personal and professional success. Today we thrive to continue fostering an inclusive and diverse research group where our differences in culture, nationality and background are our strengths. If you also believe that diversity, inclusion and equity are a fundamental strength to doing science, come join us! 

New Students

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