May 2024 Updates


Congratulations to Damien for receiving the 2024 Dean's Award for Innovation Impact! This award recognizes exceptional individuals who are working at the early stages of the innovation life cycle to turn their research into products that benefit the world. Candidates are selected from the pool of faculty who filed and were awarded patents in the previous academic year. You can read more here.

May 2023 Updates


Our work and accomplishments have followed us towards the end of the spring semester see below!

      • Yash has received the A.T. Widiger Fellowship Departmental Fellowship -This award supports students who demonstrate an interest in health or material science research.
      • Jerry received the ChBE Graduate Student Teaching Award (ChBE 422, SP 23) -This recognizes students for their exceptional contributions to ChBE instructional mission during the '22-'23 academic year.
      • Vanessa received a C^2 Outstanding Mentor Award for her work with undergraduate student scholars in the Chemistry and ChBE department.

April 2023 Updates


      • Congratulations to our new Dr. Susannah Miller! She Defended April 5th on her research on catalyst encapsulation; we are all very proud of her and excited to see her move onto her new chapter. Here's a picture of her cutting her cake:
      • In April we also congratulate Vanessa DaSilva, who passed her Preliminary Exam! Great job!

December 2022 Updates


Our work and accomplishments have followed us towards the end of the spring semester see below!

      • Congratulations to Susannah for getting her article published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Click here to read.
      • Congratulations to Yash for getting his article published in Macromolecules. Click here to read!

November 2022 Updates

We have welcomed a new graduate student, Michael Taleff to the lab!
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October 2022 Updates


      • This recent news article discusses our work on deconstructing plastic waste.
      • Jerry has passed his first year qualification exam, congrats Jerry!

September 2022 Updates


      • Vanessa, Nick, Damien, and collaborators have published a manuscript on the Depolymerization of PE to propylene on 9/27! Read more here!
      • Check us out at the first Thursday Illini Football game of the season!